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    More Eccentric Motor Activities

    By now, you may realize I am becoming obsessed with eccentrics. Truth is, I unwittingly got put on an eccentric training program myself at the gym BEFORE CSM by @Pranavibe. Sigh. 


    To follow up with my 2 recent blogs on eccentric control, I decided to share some eccentric activities that I think will be useful with pediatrics.


    • Pushing weighted boxes (plastic storage bins with hand weights, I put in quite a bit). If using on a tile floor, consider gluing contact paper on the bottom.

    • Pushing weighted grocery cart. I worked with a 2.5 year old child with hypotonia who seemed to best with pushing a child's grocery cart with 12 pounds in it...sounds like a lot but he maintained good joint alignment and the physics of how force he was using was probably quite a bit less given the height of the cart and the location of the weight.

    • Mary Massery's giddyup activity: theraband around a child's waist, therapist holds reins and the patient walks/runs.

    • Use voicing strategies: in this video Mary demonstrates how to use voicing and breathing affects postural control.

    • Take a deep breath before attempting activity as described here.

    • Working on stand to sit holding a weighted ball.

    • Drop/catch a weighted ball, catching in a bent position

    • Walking butt kicks

    • A March as in this video.

    • Wall drive as in this video

    • Nordic exercise

    • Sprint A: I think that the leg going from a flexed position to stance provides the eccentric ms activity as shown here 

    So give it a go, and let me know how these work out for you.




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