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    Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

    February 20, 2016

    FMS, what is it and can we use it? Developed by Gray Cook and Lee Burton, a PT and athletic trainer respectively, this tool was developed as a screening for athletes to screen for movement patterns that will lead to injury. It consists of some high level activity, although not quite as challenging as HiMAT. I would consider this an activity measure per ICF domain.


    Normative values have been published for people aged 18-40 and can be found here. Scores averaged 15.7 out of 21, and gives a realm for expectation for performing these skills. Here is a link to a video on recent research on this tool. Here are the items, here is more description on how to perform each test, and here is score sheet.


    How would I use it as a school based PT? For a student with independent mobility, where I am trying to quantify functional movement and/or identify movement dysfunction I think this tool can have some value. 

    1. If items were identified that were a part of your treatment plan, the score sheet could be used as a rubric and outcomes measure.

    2. I would work closely with my PE teacher to collaborate on strategies that are a part of PE curriculum. 

    3. Basis for home programming.


    If you use it let me know how it went, I would be curious to know.

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